Roundcube + mssql

Roundcube is a great webmail application in PHP. It can operate with various database backends, among which MS SQLServer on certain conditions.

1) Requirements

You will need: - PHP 5.2.10 or older
As of today, Roundcube relies on the PEAR MDB2 package, whose mssql driver relies in turn on the PHP mssql module. PHP 5.3.0 for Windows does not include this module anymore, and MDB2 doesn't work with the alternative SQL Server Driver for PHP made available by Microsoft. So, we must stick to 5.2.10 for the time being. - ntwdblib.dll (SQL Server Client Library) version 2000.80.194.0.

2) Installation

Install the latest version of Roundcube from the svn repository or the version 0.3 once released (RC1 still required some fixes formssql). You will have to initialize the database manually with the script SQL/mssql.initial.sql. And provide a valid DSN in the database configuration file (config/ The format of this DSN is described in the MDB2 manual. Good to know: for a MS SQL server, the hostspec shouldnormally be something like "MACHINE_NAME\MSSQLSERVER" or "MACHINE_NAME\SQLEXPRESS", where MSSQLSERVER and SQLEXPRESS are the default instance names of SQL Server and SQL Server Express Edition respectively. If the SQLServer is local, you can also specify ".\MSSQLSERVER" or ".\SQLEXPRESS".