Raspberry Pi 3 as Spotify player

This is how I turned a Raspberry Pi 3 into a Spotify player, to control with any Spotify client featuring Spotify Connect (typically on a smartphone or tablet).

Configuring the Pi for playback through a DAC

I chose the PiFi DAC V2. It is cheap, outputs a decent analog audio quality and works almost out of the box with the RPI 3. You just have to open /boot/config.txt and uncomment or add the folllowing lines:


The last line disables the loading of the snd_bcm2835 kernel module and hence the onboard audio output. For more info over this DAC on others on a Pi, see How to make various DACs work.

Install Spotify Connect Web

Spotify Connect Web is a python wrapper of the deprecated but yet unreplaced libspotify library for ARM platforms. There are various ways to install it. I went for the most straighforward, using a latest packaged release. The package contains everything needed except the required binary application key (spotify_appkey.key) that you can get from https://developer.spotify.com/my-account/keys. Note that you will need a Spotify Premium account too.

wget https://github.com/Fornoth/spotify-connect-web/releases/download/0.0.3-alpha/spotify-connect-web_0.0.3-alpha.tar.gz
tar zxvf spotify-connect-web_0.0.3-alpha.tar.gz
sudo mv spotify-connect-web /usr/local/lib/spotifyconnectweb
sudo chown -R root:staff /usr/local/lib/spotifyconnectweb

I made two systemd scripts to launch spotify-connect-web automatically at startup, along with a config file. Get the archive here. Once expanded, it provides three files:

  • spotifyconnectlogin.service (which publishes the zeroconf login service)
  • spotifyconnectweb.conf (the configuration file)
  • spotifyconnectweb.service (which launches spotify-connect-web as a daemon)

Put spotifyconnectweb.conf and the application key from Spotify (spotify_appkey.key) in /etc/spotifyconnectweb:

sudo mv spotifyconnectweb.conf /etc/spotifyconnectweb/
sudo mv spotify_appkey.key /etc/spotifyconnectweb/

Put both .service files in /etc/systemd/system and enable the services:

sudo mv spotifyconnectlogin.service /etc/systemd/system/
sudo mv spotifyconnectweb.service /etc/systemd/system/
sudo systemctl enable spotifyconnectweb
sudo systemctl enable spotifyconnectlogin


Check the content of /etc/spotifyconnectweb/spotifyconnectweb.conf and adjust according to the hardware (the playback device and mixer values given here and in the archive are for a PiFi DAC V2):


Note that all variables are required by the spotifyconnectweb service. If you delete a line here, the corresponding parameter must be deleted in spotifyconnectweb.service as well.